summer-leaves-clip-artHave you ever seen someone (maybe your trainer, friend or nutritionist) walking around with a water bottle full of some sort of dark green liquid and wondered what was in there? You can tell it’s not a green smoothie because it’s not thick, and it’s not a juice because there are no fibrous bits floating around. So what could it be?! Well it’s most likely Chlorophyll! Okay, you say, now what the heck is that?

Well the chlorophyll you see added in people water is a supplement form of a very important part of most plants especially in green vegetables. Just as hemoglobin is to the human body, chlorophyll is a component of the plants’ blood. Chlorophyll is rich in magnesium as human blood is rich in iron (two nutrients very important in health!)

Think of chlorophyll as energy from the sun. Plants use the sun’s effects to produce chlorophyll which has properties extremely revitalizing and refreshing when consumed by us humans!

Now like I said, the stuff you see in water is the supplemental form of chlorophyll, referred to as liquid chlorophyll. Like with all supplements it’s recommended to check with a health care provider before taking if you  have any concerns.

Some benefits of chlorophyll include:

  • healing of the mucosal lining
  • beneficial on healing of skin ulcers
  • detox of the liver
  • cancer prevention/reduction
  • reduces cravings
  • reduces body odour
  • antioxidant that protect our cells by fighting against free radical damage
  •  cleansing- binds with heavy metals and helps remove them from the body
  • anti inflammatory
  • reduces stress
  • increase blood flow and circulation
  • improves bowel funtion
  • overall amazing health promoter!

IMG_4502Check out your local health food store to find this amazing product as there are multiple companies that manufacture it! You can also find mint flavoured liquid chlorophyll which can be a refreshing option.

**Just remember, liquid chlorophyll DOESN’T REPLACE the need to eat your vegetables! Whole foods are ALWAYS the best source of nutrients so eat your veggies!