8 healthy breakfast ideas for vegans

VEGANS! We know the struggle can be REAL sometimes! But just because you don’t eat eggs doesn’t mean you can’t have a delicious, healthy breakfast! And you totally do not have to be restricted to shakes! There are TONS of fun breakfast ideas for vegans that will help you get enough nutrients and protein! These include chia seed pudding, overnight oats and all vegan protein bars! Here is 8 of our fave healthy and delicious breakfast ideas for vegans! (ps. make sure to read our article on how to get enough protein for vegans here!)

  1. Coconut-Cardamom Vegan Overnight Oat Parfait with Blueberry Chia Seed Jam: Packed with FLAVOUR and super delicious!
  2. Vanilla Cinnamon Chia Seed Pudding: top this with fresh berries, kiwi and pumpkin seeds for more flavour! You can add almost anything to chia pudding! 

    HomemadeYogurtWithStrawberries.jpg, HomemadeYogurtWithStrawberries

    Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding
  3. Vegan Coconut- Oat Pancakes: Completely dairy free and FUN to make!

    8 healthy and delicious breakfast ideas for vegans
    Vegan Pancakes
  4. Coconut Yogurt topped with Berries and Seeds: An awesome replacement to that greek yogurt and SUPER easy to make: 8 healthy and delicious breakfast ideas for vegans
  5. Banana Blueberry Bars: Best part? It includes only natural sugars from dates and fruits!

    8 healthy and delicious breakfast ideas for vegans
    Blueberry Vegan Bars
  6.  Just Banana Muffins: Another awesome one! No added sugars!

    8 healthy delicious vegan breakfast ideas for vegans
    Vegan All Banana Muffins
  7. Tofu Scramble With Kale and Sweet Potatoes: Packed with energy and BIG punch! Who knew kale an sweet potatoes went well for breakfast:

    8 healthy and delicious breakfast ideas for vegans
    Tofu and Kale Scamble
  8. Three Ingredient Vegan Crepes: Can’t get any easier than this! We suggest replacing the soy milk with almond, cashew, hemp or rice milk!
    Three Ingredient Vegan Crepes


Try these 8 healthy and delicious breakfast ideas! Most vegans find it hard to get adequate amounts of protein. So make sure to add seeds, grains and nuts (like chia, hemp seeds, pumpkin seed, nut butter) for a BOOST in protein! And read our article on how to get more protein in HERE!

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