sugar-cube-1325425Candida is becoming a very talked about topic, we’ve gone through all the articles and done on own testing. These are our top tips to kill Candida and cut through the Bull**** of all the random pseudoscience articles out there.


1. Pro Biotics (Natural Pro Biotics found in things like yogurt compete and devour Candida)


2. Cut your sugar intake. (There is a direct correlation between the amount of sugar intake and the amount of Candida in your body)


3. Take some Caprylic Acid (Caprylic Acid is a natural Candida killer having wonderful anti-fungal properties  It is found naturally in coconut oil, palm oil, butter fat and human breast milk.)


4. Raw Garlic (One of the best natural anti-fungal. This will kill Candida and Vampires…..go garlic)


5. Bentonite Clay (Bentonite clay or Volcanic ash will yank the candida off the intestinal walls. Since the clay ins’t absorbed into the body all the fungus and bacteria absorbed by the clay goes where is should…..into the toilet.)


This should make it easy to cut the Candida and help you on your journey to brighter eyes, glowing skin, a flat belly and more vibrant you.


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