Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 2.21.21 PMOver the last few years there has been a craze over these new types of nails polish. A great way to get that fresh from the salon shine and long lasting polish at home, brand’s such as O.P.I. and Shellac have been marketing this as the next big nail product.


However a lot of people have seemed to forget the harshness of UV rays, these rays are vital in the drying and hardening process, these rays have the potential of causing serious cancer. Another issue that may be present in also the affect of UV rays on aging as well which can cause what people refer to as “lizard hands”.


An independent study conducted by Georgia Regents University published in JAMA Dermatology which adds on to the 2013 Study conducted by the New York University School of Medicine. Warns that prolonged and frequent exposure to these UV-A rays is highly not advisable.


However many brands have changed over to LED lights to try and reduce the risks immensely, so if you must have your Shellac fix make sure to use LED.


  • I enjoy nails. Not my Passion but I enjoy it. I have problems with lnifitg but I know a lot of nail techs and they r trying to help me but I have a feeling I will b helping them by referrals shellac I can do no problem but acrylic ugh need way more practice