Staying motivated can sometime be hard, here are my 7 ways to stay motivated!

  1. Set goals – top 7 ways to stay motivatedThis seems simple, but many people forget this set, or set unrealistic goals. Make sure you set goals that you can achieve and reward yourself for doing so.
  2. Make it fun – Having fun and working hard, aren’t mutually exclusive. Everything is easier when you’re having fun !!!
  3. Make it routine – Though it’s a little difficult at first, try to make exercise a part of your daily routine, once its there it’ll be harder not to do it that to do it.
  4. Wr
    ite id down! – Writing something down has huge effects in making our brain think that this is something you HAVE to do.
  5. Do it with friends – Sometimes your motivation may drop, but having people around to help you and you can help always makes things easier.
  6. Reward you
    rself – Make sure you celebrate the small achievements, and reward yourself often.
  7. Be flexible – It’s good to be hard on yourself, but life does sometimes get in the way, don’t let yourself get demotivated.


  • […] Just a little something to keep you motivated. Happy people are more successful, through out the years research has shown a direct link between ones happiness and personal health. Now more and more studies are finding that the happier someone is, the more successful they are in all aspects of life, from health to income potential. So make sure you stay motivated! If you’re having troubles check out my top 7 ways to stay motivated! […]