Beware of the FAKE Lyzabeth Lopez Review written by Best Workout Guides.

The Bikini Body review SCAM… a disgusting act to make money.

There’s a website called

They created false reviews on other popular fitness icons using the keywords “(fitness icon name) review”

Ex: if you google “lyzabeth lopez review” you’ll find the fake review 🙁

Fitness icons like Massy Arias,  Emily Skye, Ashley Bines, Tammy Hembrow, and so on… are all victims.

Once you read the review it bashes the fitness icons program and then suggests another program they make money on.


Here’s proof:

As you can see it’s all the same girl “Anna K” and the reviews are almost identical.

Are you trying to tell me Anna K tried every single popular fitness icons programs and none of them worked for her… SCAM!

Here’s the sitemap of the site.

As you can see they “reviewed” a lot of popular fitness icons programs and are going after their keywords.

The problem is they wrote a fake review about their programs and then suggested another bikini body program as one that works… just to make money.

Tisk tisk… this FAKE site is taking away money from fitness pros that deserve it.

It also hurts their brand and reputation. And it’s NOT COOL. It must be STOPPED!

I hope they will consider taking this site down.

Please share this and help us spread the word about this SCAMMY tactic.