This week we are featuring a liver cleansing juice from our very own Bloor West Hourglass Owner and Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Elizabeth!

Liver cleansing can easily be done every day by adding certain foods and herbs to your diet! What better way to incorporate liver loving foods into your diet than in a quick and simple juice. Making sure your liver is happy and functioning at it’s best can assist in fat metabolism, weight loss, minimize the effects of aging and overall health.

    Here is Liz’s Liver Loving Green Juice:



Liver cleansing doesn’t have to be about taking a thousand supplements and taking drastic measures- the body will respond to even the most subtle change such as drinking a tall glass of lemon water in the morning. So when thinking of ‪#‎liver‬, think foods that are hydrating as well as bitter and pungent as they act as a detoxifier and astringent working to draw out toxins. **caution- my recipe below is quite bitter, you can add some apple or bit of xylitol or stevia to make more palatable- guess my taste buds are either well trained or traumatized!

1/4 cucumber (hydrating & tasty)

2 handfuls cilantro or parsley

2inch turmeric root

1/2 organic lemon with peel

Few big handfuls of kale, Swiss chard, romaine & dandelion

1 tsp chlorella

1 tsp camu camu (for extra vit. C)

Lots of water

I throw everything in my ‪#‎vitamix‬ (best gift ever) which keeps fibre, another necessary thing to have in your diet when undergoing any kind of cleanse


Other foods/herbs that are cleansing to the liver include: Beets, Artichoke, Burdock Root, Milk Thistle, Garlic and WATER!