Sugar is hidden a lot of food! From bacon to ketchup, most processed food has sugar added to it.You might be surprised to find out that many foods marketed as healthy are actually super high in refined sugar. Thus sabotaging your diet and fitness goals!

Now we are not hating on sugar! In fact, natural sugars found in fruit, honey or date are nutritious. Most good meal plans include some healthy natural sugars! Refine, processed sugar on the other hand are detrimental to our health.

Here is a list of 6 Healthy Foods that are sabotaging your diet with hidden sugar!

6 health foods that are sabotaging your diet

  1. Store bought, pre-made smoothies: Do not be fooled store bought, pre made smoothies! They contain HIGH levels of sugar and low in protein! They are also too high in calorie. Instead create you own at home using natural ingredients like natural peanut butter, unsweetened almond milk, kale, spinach, fresh berries and protein! Remember protein keeps you satiated so best to add that to your smoothies!
  2. Energy bars: Energy and protein bars are often marketed as healthy but they are far from it! They often contain high amounts of additives, chemicals and cancer causing sugar alcohols like aspartame. Some bars have as much sugar as a regular chocolate bar! Best to replace these with healthier snack options such as a cup of berries, a homemade protein shake, or apple and natural nut butter. supercharged vegan snacks - apple sandwich
  3. Juice: Just like smoothies they often contain added sugars, preservatives and food colouring. Skip over the juices and reach for a cold pressed juice or fresh fruit! Fruit contain enzymes, vitamins and fibre that is stripped away during juicing process. So reach for fruit instead!
  4. Granola: Another product that is touted as healthy and nutritious but contain high levels of sugar. Best to avoid or make your own from goji berries, raw almonds, raw pumpkin seeds and unsweetened coconut!
  5. Greek Yogurt: Even though dairy contains its own natural sugar, manufacturers still ADD sugar and sugar alcohols to all yogurts (including greek!) . Replace your greek yogurt with cashew, almond or coconut based yogurts. Add your own flavour by adding in berries and natural sugars like agave.supercharged vegan snacks - cashew yogurt
  6. Sauces: Be careful of sauces! Curry, BBQ, chipotle… all those exotic, delicious sounding sauces often are LOADED with sugar! Stick with mustard, hot sauce and homemade sauces (like home made jerk or curry) without the added sugar!

Don’t let these “healthy” foods sabotage your diet! Remove them see how better you feel! You will see yourself better adhering to your diet and watch the weight melt off! Of course you always wanna start with a good meal plan (like the one here!)

With over 15 years of experience in training and nutrition, this savvy entrepreneur, TV host (of a US syndicated nutrition and cooking show), and Pro Athlete has coached well over 3000 athletes in gymnastics, dance, cheer-leading, fitness and bodybuilding; including celebrities, models and actors. Lyzabeth is also recognized through her regular magazine appearances as a model and writer, as well as through her blogs and posts to over 4,000,000 social media followers.