devastating diet mistakes

We’ve all been there… start a new workout program and commit ourselves to healthier eating but then 6 weeks in realize it’s not going so well. So what could it be?  You could be making these mistakes. We’ve made a list of 6 devastating Mistakes to Avoid!

You could have swore you are completing all your workouts and doing that meal prep thing….Even when eating healthy, meal prepping and making better choices, often we miss these 6 little things…. Things better know as mistakes! Take a read below and see if any of these ring true! Keeping a detailed three day food journal (which includes portion sizes and meal times) can help you identify bad habits and give you clues on what may need fixing.

  1. You Do Not Consume Whole Foods

    : This is a BIG one. The typical North American diet consists of highly refined foods including refined starches and sugars like white rice and corn syrup.  Many packaged foods seem “healthy” at a first glance (think the Special K bars or Becel Olive Oil Margarine) but are very refined and contain very little nutrition and loads of additives and chemicals. The single biggest thing you can do to achieve better health is to eat more whole foods aka unrefined, unmodified foods served in the state as they were picked from the ground. For example have whole grain brown rice instead of refined white rice, have natural sugars like honey instead of table sugar. It may seem daunting at first but a quick walk around your grocery store and you will see that variety of fresh fruit and vegetables available at your disposal! Eat lots of these, toss in hormone free meat, dairy alternatives and free range eggs and you are set to go! (Check out this awesome holistic meal plan HERE!)

  2. You Skip Meals

    Skipping meals a definite no-no! Its’ crucial that you eat every 3 to 4 hour to keep blood sugar steady and to provide your body with a steady stream of nutrients every few hours. You are also less likely to eat the whole house if you are satisfied! The best way to learn to eat every 3 to 4 hours is to prep your meals and set an alarm that goes off every three hours! Even if you have to eat on the go, better to have a light snack or meal than to skip your meal.

    6 devastating diet mistakes
  3. You Starve Yourself

    Another big no-no but probably one that happens very often. Make sure not to starve yourself! It’s a very INEFFECTIVE way to lose weight…. starving yourself leads to all kinds of metabolic problems (it can slow down your metabolism and throw your hormones off balance) that are detrimental in the long run. So EAT and eat OFTEN! Prepare three meals and three snacks and make sure to have your food on hand so you are never starving.

  4. You Don’t Bother With Macros

    If you have have some hard set goals and deadlines, the best way to achieve them is to track your macros!  Assuming you have a pretty good handle on your food and are making good choices, the next thing to to invest in a macro calculator (apps like Fitness Pal are great for this!) and plug in your food. Make sure to log your macros everyday and tweak your diet so you are hitting your macro goals.

  5. You Don’t Measure Your Food

    Knowing what portion sizes you are eating for optimal health and performance is SUPER important. It can literally make or break your diet. It important to note that portion sizes should be individualized based on your body, your goals and your needs. For example, a young male athlete may require a lot more calories  than a middle aged woman with the intention of wanting to lose weight! The key is to have some sort of measurements and ensure to stick to it!( If you need help on meal prep check this out!)

    6 devastating Diet Mistakes to Avoid
  6. You Still Consume Milk and Dairy Products

    Dairy and dairy products are generally not well tolerated by our digestion system and can cause havoc within our bodies including bloating, indigestion and inflammation. It’s best to avoid dairy and replace it with other healthier alternatives like almond/ cashew/ hemp/ rice milk, coconut yogurt and vegan cheese. Some people are able to tolerate some dairy in their diet, others cannot at all! Best to remove it from your diet and slowly reintroduce small amounts of it and see how your body feels. It is suggested that for optimal health to keep away from dairy products (aka don’t make it a staple in your diet!)

If any of the above resonates with you, best thing to do is recognize the habit and slowly commit yourself to changing it! Remember it may take some time but it’s worth your health in the long term. Investing in a holistic meal plan, like this one can also help you demystify this diet thing and get to your goals!