Every since more evidence of the negative effects of drinking cows milk (due to acidity, calcium leaching, pus containing etc) has arisen, more and more health conscious people have switched to drinking alternative ‘milks’ such as almond milk. Although this is believed to be a much healthier option, I encourage all almond milk drinkers to start making their own!

Here are only a few important reasons why making your own almond milk (or hemp or flax or cashew or..well you get the point) is a better option!

1. Synthetic Vitamins

        Store bought almond milks are most often fortified with harmful synthetic vitamins to make you believe that they are good for you. Four of the most common synthetic vitamins are: Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D2, Calcium Carbonate and Tocopherol Acetate. Side effects of some of these synthetic vitamins are: birth defects, bone fractures, abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting and immune suppression. Calcium carbonate is essential chalk, so stop drinking it! Your body views synthetic vitamins as ‘foreign enemies’ and works very hard to excrete and eliminate them from the system! If your body is constantly working hard to get rid of these enemies, over time your immune system will weaken leaving you less capable of fighting against illness and disease.

2. Quality of Almonds

     When you make your own almond milk you have complete control over the type and quality of the almonds used. When making your own milk, you can soak the almonds before blending. What this does is, it disables enzyme inhibitors that nuts naturally have, making it easier for your body to digest the final product! You can also choose raw, organic almonds from a good source when you choose to make your own milk.

3. Piece of mind

      Like all foods and beverages you make from scratch, you can be 100% sure that all ingredients used are nutritious and health promoting. Making almond milk ensures that you won’t be consuming unnecessary and often harmful additives and preservatives.

4. It tastes DELICIOUS! 

      If I haven’t convinced you yet..this should be reason enough! Homemade almond just simple trumps store bought almond milks every time if it’s made properly!

   Here is a quick and easy recipe for (my favourite) homemade almond milk!

1 cup of raw organic almonds (soaked overnight in water)

3 cups of water

1/4 tsp of vanilla extract (or to taste)

1 medjool date (pit removed)

pinch of sea salt

Pant hose or nut milk bag

   Soak almonds in water overnight. The next day, discard soaking water. In a blender, blend all ingredients on high for 30-45 seconds. Next, over a large container or bowl, strain mixture through a panty hose sock or a nut milk bag (can be purchased at most health food stores). And voila! You have a fresh, frothy and amazing almond milk. Store in refrigerator and consume within approx. 4 days.

Other ingredients that can be added to milk:



maple syrup





spirulina powder (if you dare!)

*Tip* Save left over almond pulp (whats left in pantyhose or nut milk bag) to add to fun recipes such as hummus, baked goods and more…