Kitchen gadget for slicing avocados

Avocado Slicer

Get a dose of healthy fat for sexy hair, skin and nails with heart healthy avocado!

Food dehydrator for healthy raw cooking

Excalibur Food Dehydrator

I love this food dehydrator! Did you know that when you dehydrate food, you can retain more than 80% of their vitamins and minerals. Some of my favourite foods to dehydrate include: mango for dried mango, kale for kale chips and sliced bananas for banana chips! YUM!

Healthy kitchen gadget for healthy cooking


FRESH Lemon Spritzer

Talk about FRESH! Spray your fish, salad or rice with fresh lemon with this lemon spritzer that spritzes juice right from the lemon! Two healthy, happy thumbs way up! Here is the link to purchase the lemon spritzer for only $4.99

Link to purchase Lemon Stem Spritzer


Get these fun and healthy gadgets to spice up your healthy regime!


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  • Hey Chris, Good point! I’ll take a look to see if they have them in any local stores (like a William Sonoma or something like that). If I find one, I’ll post it…