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Training Your Legs Frequently

Are You Training Your Legs Frequently Enough?

Size definitely matters! And so does training frequency! So are you training your legs frequently enough to optimize results? It is often forgotten but how...

This is a second hourglass success story post

This is the text that belongs in the excerpt.


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10 Tricks to Cut Sugar for Good

10 Tricks To QUIT Sugar For GOOD!

Sugar! The sweet ingredient that we all love and love to hate! Although I am a big fan of eating natural sugars found in...

Canadian 2nd at the 2016 Arnold Classic!!

Canadian 2nd at the 2016 Arnold Classic HUGEEE CONGRATS to fellow Canadian Justine Munro for coming in 2nd at the Arnold Classic Pro Bikini Show!!!  ‪  ...

Spicy Jerk Marinade

If it can't be hot outside, lets heat things up in the kitchen! Today I bring to you (my variation of) JERK! Jerk sauce...
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Do This if You Want Some Serious Abs and Booty!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuEYJ5bpLYw Lyzabeth Lopez has been seen on Lyzabeth Lopez is an award winning certified personal trainer and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with over 15 years in...
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3 ingredient protein pancake recipes

3 Ingredient Protein Pancake Recipes We Love

Who knew protein powder and pancakes would be such a delicious match? We just LOVE protein pancakes! Here are list of four 3 Ingredient...
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Your Top 7 top burning questions about diets

Answered: Your Top 7 Burning Questions About Diets!

Count calories or don’t? Eat fruit or avoid em? How late should you eat? There are lots of information and opinions out there in regards...

What’s in your water? Benefits of liquid chlorophyll

Have you ever seen someone (maybe your trainer, friend or nutritionist) walking around with a water bottle full of some sort of dark green...

Benefits of Bok Choy

This week I would like to talk about one of my FAVOURITE vegetables which is commonly referred to as Bok Choy! You may also see...


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