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Almond milk: Store bought vs. Homemade

Every since more evidence of the negative effects of drinking cows milk (due to acidity, calcium leaching, pus containing etc) has arisen, more and...

79 yr old Ernestine Shepherd the oldest competitive female bodybuilder in...

Amazing Motivation!!! 79 yr old Ernestine Shepherd the oldest competitive female bodybuilder in the world never makes excuses. HAPPY TRAINING GUYS!!!!


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Sexy Red Nails

We Love Sexy Red Nails

Sexy Red Nails; We love the classic, sexy, sultry look of a strong red nail. Top it off with a pouty red lip and...
Reduce Injuries with 4 simple tricks

Reduce INJURIES With These 4 Simple Tricks!

Truth be told, we ALL have had some sort of injury. Whether it be a twinge in the lower back, achy knees, or tendinitis...

Candida Cleanse

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYj3oDBLql8 Lyzabeth Lopez, WBFF PRO Fitness Model explains what Candida is and how to compete a Candida cleanse. This can assist with sugar cravings, acne,...
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The Ladies of Hourglass – Safiya

Safiya is a busy finance executive who worked extremely hard to prepare for her fitness competition debut, all the while balancing a demanding full-time...
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meal prep busy bodies

How to Meal Prep for Busy Bodies

Time! Something we all lack! Many of us are too busy with life, school, work and kids. So when it comes to eating clean...
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3 ingredient protein pancake recipes

3 Ingredient Protein Pancake Recipes We Love

Who knew protein powder and pancakes would be such a delicious match? We just LOVE protein pancakes! Here are list of four 3 Ingredient...

New Nike Alert!

Hey fellow shoe-a-holics. For anyone that's been eagerly awaiting the next trend in street shoes, nike is about to answer the call with the...
Is Veganism for You? The benefits of going vegan

Is Vegan for YOU? The Benefits of Veganism

Vegan diets are very much in the news these days. High power celebs like Beyonce and Jay-z, Jennifer Lopez, and Ariana Grande have all...


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